Oscar started his journey in photography in 2007.
With the inheritance from his mother’s passing he purchased a small digital camera and began taking nature and urban landscape photographs. 
He joined the photography group www.ujenanetwork.com where following direction from world wide renowned photographers he was able to achieve first place in several photo contests. 
In 2008 Oscar spend a month in Costa Rica working and studying with the amazing artist Oscar Herrera (www.oscarherrera.net) and with the video production firm AUXO (http://viadigitalstudio.com/) under the direction of his CEO Vladimir Fonseca and the Videographer, William Espinosa. 
In 2008 he took a three month long photography seminar under the direction of Mr. Rayfield Johnson, an amazing North American photographer. 
Today Oscar is a very experienced and artistic photographer who owns a mobile photo studio along with a professional camera and equipment. 
Oscar is also a Retail Manager of 19 years and a graduated childhood educator of 25 years. 
Oscar also has a degree in accounting from Costa Rica. 
Photography is Oscar’s passion; he loves to share this passion with his subjects in every image.
International Studios, under the Chaves International, L.L.C. umbrella, it's a small company dedicated to create those images you want to share with the rest of the world.
International Studios will create the most amazing images at the most competitive prices.
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